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The Little Voice

I can taste you like the rain
In summer time
I drink you in like the sun
You could say I wanna be
The lipstick on your sleeve
Wear you on my tongue

You're out of sight but easy to find
You're in the front on my mind


The little voice in my head
Won't let me forget
The little voice in my head
Is totally wet
All of this noise in my head
Makes me tired again
The little voice in my head
Won't get out of bed with you

I can see you in your skin
And that's when I begin
To lose all my cool
You smell so sweet just like
My perfume
What have we been doing
Since I left you

You're always there in my thoughts
Can turn you on
But not off


Don't think that I'm obsessed
But I do confess
I like listening to you
It's all I ever really do


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