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The Reason

[Produced by Statik Selektah]

There are do's and don'ts
It's confusing man

[Verse 1]
I used to rhyme complex flows rapidly fire
Then they told me simplify it so the people would buy it
I thought about all the kids I admired
The Rakims, Big Daddy Kane's, why they ain't remain in the game
They shouldn't have never changed
They should have kept it the same
They let the music industry play tricks on they brain, dang
If I remember correct
When Ra rock with Jody Watley he lost some respect
In the beginning it's like they was telling us how to do shit
Then they start thinking about trying to sell a unit
Industry rule number four thousand and eighty
Record company people are lazy
They try to say the way the king gon last
Is if I come out with a ringtone smash
Tell' em kiss my ass
I got nothing but hit records in the stash
The game I don't respect it, it's trash
Give it a epitaph

[Chorus: Sample]
Here we are looking for a reason
You to lay me down
What you do, I can never love no other
You’re the best I ever had

[Verse 2]
I'm every lyricist bitterness
I'm the shit he wanna say but won't
Cuz he don't realize how real his own niggas is
Is they live or bitter men
Genuine or just frivolous
See numbers pass the book of Leviticus
And get this it'll take you a thousand christmas's
Just to begin to dismiss the men
Crackers is crazy on top of that they hypocrites
I sell you my life in snippets
Don't flip it or get it twisted
I married the chronic but my mistress is biscuits
You rappers cannot compute math like mine
Yo ass will sit and write rhymes for nine and a half lifetimes
I'm genetically better than you
Like ebony versus the man with leprosy
Get dressed for a date with your destiny
Ya'll grab the mics then try and rip it
With the supply some scientific
Ya'll should quit not because I insisted
Niggas tired of fiction
Nigga fuck how many cars you got
Tell us about your sister Mya's addiction
We might listen


I love that shit Statik man
See, when you got 2 people who appreciate Hip Hop
And come together
You put together this whole album in 24 hours
'bout 26 hours
Statik Selektah & Saigon man
It's a beautiful situation man
Hip Hop forever
Look out for "Greatest Story Never Told"
It's coming
I do this for real
Shout outs to my man Just Blaze
Y-yeah y-yeah
You heard
All in a day's work man
Real (w)rap

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