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The Vampire Gang

Dreaded developer
Soulja Soulja
It's the Vampire Gang

[Verse 1:]
You bitches hating on SOD, I'll put the pistols in yo mouth
Niggas talking all that shit I send my clique into your house
Bitch I'm bout to drop it all, bitch I'm in the fucking building
All these niggas hating on me, mane I'm bout to fucking kill them
SOD, that's the clique, Vampire Gang that's who I'm with
Yellow diamond breitling on me got me stunting on a bitch
Everybody fucking know that you and yo click is a ho
Soulja B. that be my name and bitch I'm bout to bring the pain

[Hook x4:]
Vampire Gang x3
With the blood on my fangs, nigga

[Verse 2:]
What you niggas know about me, no really what you know about me?
You don't know shit about me, you don't know my history
Coming with AK47, Mac 11
Have a nigga god bless his ass, quit before I rush his ass
Tell the paramedics help because the vampire caught him slippin' and now a nigga trippin' cause a nigga gone mane real talk
He used to belong to me, all my enemies R.I.P, I'm too deep off in these streets
And rest in peace, I tote that heat I'm on the block it's so damn hot off in my hood
Man, ask about me in da streets my name is so good
Call me Dre, A.K.A Lil Dre smoking on that kush
Got tools and some loud and we runnin em like Bush Five on me boy you don't know me
So tell yo homie to calm down for we come down with them chopper sounds
Automatic leave him dead in traffic boy I let him have it
Soulja B, that be my fucking name and you know what the fuck I claim

[Hook x4:]
Vampire Gang x3
With the blood on my fangs, nigga

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