Lloyd Banks - The Warm Up Freestyle Lyrics

The Warm Up Freestyle

HFM2 on the way

Uh chump dont b grillin me the pumps my security
Watch me move the room paranormal activity
Chris passed told me in my sleep he would live through me
Six flags how I work the rides different color Vs
Shiny diamond band pendant like a fryin pan
Jeweler got chest lit the f*** up like Iron Man
Like a stylist with the iron it stays by em
Death defyin kill the mic leave the stage cryin
No money machine but my thumb green
Sick stupid retarded outfit Im feelin dumb clean
Why do s*** and lie bout it thats obscene
I ball get the crowd drunk make the club lean
Doin bad ain't a given its a option
Opportunity made me optimistic now Im poppin
Knee deep in money half a midget in my safe Im the shizzit
Thats why the flashin titties in my face
Ugh I murder MCs on my car keys
Comin from where R.I.P.s turn to arm sleeves
By the time this touch the town Ima be in palm trees
Strip club phatty a pair of Ds and long weave
My tree droppin leave for that my heart screams
Take the longway home shortcuts rip apart dreams
F*** walkin bird talkin as I stalk queens
Microphone king rap fiends give me both genes
Mean Im on the block moves like Kareem
Do the impossible Tom Cruise out the beam
Heat for my haters but my jewels block the steam
Shades block the flash ??? when Im rockin cuts glass
I done it while you shoulda coulda woulda did it
Fire to my head give the whole f***** hood a fitted
And if Im pushin it the wood is in it chrome is on it hoes is in it
See it like you want it Ima get it

Date Added: 2010-07-17
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