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This Is Our Thing

[Verse 1: Pharoahe Monch]
I will never spit on a Mantan jam
But damn, Pharoahe's that nigga though
Slam these bitches like Bam Bam Bigelow
Critically acclaimed, physically main
Literally the shit -- you the shitstain
I spit insane, get brain, you switch lanes
You itch-bay made, I flip lames like Judo
Or karate, then slow it down like promethazine
King Musabi from Queens
In fact, Queens' Idi Amin
Fuck Serato, for wax and CDs I fiend
Escalate like Schindler, elevate like Otis
Minus the mescaline
If you questioning who the GOAT is
Focus on where you vocal to note I'm the most devoted
Nobody's equivalent, more quoted
Pharoahe's the lowest
Common denominator when I'm rhyming
In fact, I'm the quotient

[Hook: Phil G]
This is our way
This is everything we are
This is our place
You could never get involved, this is our thing
This is our dream
Legacy is what I leave for my offspring
Walking with my head held high
Educated, I could build with the Gods
Plus I got that fly delivery
Don't ever be surprised that they feeling me

[Verse 2: Sadat X]
Keep your eye on the sparrow
Keep your eye on the Pharoahe
More bone-crushing than marrow
The Menace cousin Harold
The Bradys Tom and Carol
Hades def apparel
Jump the falls in a barrel
The cowboy is ending now, boy
The when and how, boy
The off-roaded, decoded by none
"Girlies, rub your titties" was said by son
Chop the head then it's done, no bread by the gun
More enormous than Pun
In human form, it's the one
Through the light stress, life vest, tight chest breathing
I'm good, you believing
I should keep achieving
Pull something from the sleeve and brought it out on rainy days
Like green granny haze
Expands from my grays, demands better days
Your mans love the phrase
Plan, never phase
Fried, bouillabaisse
Fricasseed or sauteed
Chef Roble
Glad y'all stayed, let the beat slay
Born on the day that Mary prayed
Y'all know what she made -- the modern Jesus
We too made Caesar


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