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Thug Story

Yeah, yeah, yeah Soulija
I need pussy right here, man
It’s that mother fucking young and flexing
Mother fucker, I need pussy right here,
hating on the mother fucker Soulija
I ain’t no time to play with you bitch out here, man
Yo! Oh!
The niggas don’t want it, the niggas don’t want it
The niggas don’t want it, the niggas don’t want it, no!
The niggas don’t want it, the niggas don’t want it
The niggas don’t want it, the niggas don’t want it
The niggas don’t want it, the niggas don’t want it
So I’m riding round with that thirty clip
I’mma let a nigga have it
Wow, I’m swaging! Back to back and fucking…
..with my niggas, we gonna blow this Cush
I’m a young drug nigga, I don’t know the shit
Don’t know shit, but I see, I post up in my white teeth
I’m swagged out like Nike, a young nigga in South beach
With a bad bitch with some liquor
And some lean, and some pills too
I post up some million, a million and mill too
We run through that, got the stacks, burst through that
Cash up, cake that, you fuck me, you fake that
Real nigga, take that, hit the block, take that
Get a play, scrape that, on a block, make that!
The hottest and best rapper, bitch I thought I told you
Follow me to the Philippines, better be a fucking king
Not sure these fake niggas, Soulija boy, I’m so supreme
..that foe, with that fucking foe
Drop on my album, December 30 on any hoe
..about to roll up, ain’t tripping
About to roll up, ain’t slipping
Come with my Smith and…
Fuck with a real nigga, my music goes so hard
I’m so true to this, I’m new to this
You’re new to this, I’m a nuisance bitch
Go, coming out the block
Hearts, dopes, my niggas in this… for real
I’m talking hard…
Take my trip to London and I’m steady barking
You ain’t made a million, nigga, I’m disappointed, nigga!
Soulija Boy I flex, teddy grams we’re hell a plex
Niggas talking what they want, I take them girl and give them sex!
Bro, why you ain’t fucking with the Soulija?
Bro, why you ain’t voting like I told ya?
..nigga gimmie my swag back
Ride through the hood, I get a dope, be a…
Ride through my hood, everything white and stale
Niggas say they’re rich, Solija boy, I can’t tell!
Drop top, bearly twenty fifty ass as hell
Fast on that highway, going in fast as hell!
So, it’s a legendary moment
Son, I’m shitting on my opponent
So, I got bottles and a bitch, I got money and a bitch
Know it and shit, know it the shit
So I fuck with the clique, I wanna lift my dick
Wow, I stop for real, and my niggas in the deal!

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