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Omo Iya demola ahhh
Call me demmie vee

U may be far away, but ma heart is close to u,
am in love with you, this gat me act a fool or... Or
Don`t be scared, me I no dey Bobo u,
girl I cover u, cus I want to marry you ooor...
I no dey lie ur love dey blow my mind away,
I thank God say u come my way,
she want to tiff my heart away, see Ole, Ole ajubole

I dey lie Dis love dey blow MA mind away... Blow ma mind away
Dis love drive me insane... Drive me insane
She want to steal MA heart away... Steal ma heart away
See Ole Ole ajubole
In this coming weather I will always come by
u u, never let u go cus am deeply into u girl
Am in love with you can you feel MA heart beat
Do u even realize how amazing you are to me girl
I no dey lie this love dey blow MA
mind away... Thank God say you come my way
U want to tiff MA heart away, see Ole,
Ole ajubole... I no dey lie Dis liv

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