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Till I Die

[Hook: J-Son]
Been through it all, that's why I grind hard
Me against the world, back up against the wall
Even through the rain, Imma still stand tall
Imma get my fingers, better get yours
This is my story, this is my hustle
This is my grind, this is my struggle
I see paper in my eyes
That's why I'm grinding till i die

[Verse 1: Pitbull]
A superstar I am, I haven't dropped the classic
No illmatic, it was written, or I am
Honest to the public, that I am
Mr. 305, that I am
A rapper I'm not, perhaps that's you
A hater I'm not, perhaps that's you
Signed a fucked up deal, perhaps that's true
But I owe my public, and, unlike you
If you would look past, all my hits
Notice when I say, all my hits
Pits got a track record unlike them
Money made me see my enemies
Were really just my friends
They ride in the beginning, but not to the end
Money's what you got, not what you spend
Listen to this verse here closely
These boys off like butter
But they still wanna toast me
Put your hands up nice and slowly
This's a stick up, now pay me what you owe me
TVT, now you know what it is
Imma make your name worldwide
For not paying us... shit!


[Verse 2: Pitbull]
My homeboys made house calls, kick in the doors
Get you three strikes that's right, then they out yo
I hear you take keys, but I doubt y'all
They take weight when it's really like 8- balls
Just like powder, yeah they soft
Off the coke like ross, then that's how they cake yall
Treat you like a git, make you take your J's off
Hit you all night and make you take your days off
Everyday's, different day in every state
Different city, till you're caged in, never late
A life of a hustler, a real street boy
With a chopper, I'm street-sweet boys
It happens too often down in, Dade county
Story of my life, but I stay grounded
These fuckboys wanna play, but they stay grounded
Allergic to paper, that's why they, not around me


[Verse 3: Trazz]


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