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Transition Music

There’s isn’t much I can do if you hate this
Not really trying to contemplate its

Completely subjective I also tend to hate shit
Trying to be over and under elated, I mean

My head’s overinflated, I mean
If I think that you’ll take this, you scream

You can’t do this it’s heinous
Not even two tracks in and you're acting like you’re famous, I’ve seen

Hey Boy happy belated, I mean
But you’re a bit overrated, I scream

Do you know how long I’ve waited
To make this release and now you’re to make a statement, I dream

Extra long as I’m flying through my conscious trying to figure out if everything
Really is what It seems

And I’m trying to tell you everything I can but you’re not listening, okay then as my mind's ripping apart at the seams

Date Added: 2017-08-21
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