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Trap Boy Soulja

Trap boy Soulja, trap boy Soulja
Trap boy Soulja, trap boy Soulja
I got what you need, flip, bakin' soda
Mixin' what you need, lean, [?]
Trap boy Soulja, trap boy Soulja
Trap boy Soulja, trap boy Soulja
I got what you need, lean, bakin' soda
Mixin' what you need, lean molly cough

[Verse 1]
I got what you need, trap boy Soulja
In that white cocaine Benz like its baking soda
I've been flipping bricks, got it 'cross the border
And that fucking swag bag coming 'cross the border
In a fucking white van, tell 'em place the order
M16 hollow tips hit his shoulder
He thought I was playing, unloaded hella clips
Rich gang, half the bank, baking soda wrist
Hot yellow bitch, and she sucking dick
How wait thats me with like fifty bricks
Backseat playing, like siccisy please sit in the seats
Shoutout to my squad and to my niggas doing hits


[Verse 2]
Damn I'm paranoid I think them niggas tapped my phone
I had packs, touched down and everything was gone
In the nets fuckin' daily in my styrofoam
Swag bag Margielas on my fucking foot
And the next day a shoot out with the fuckin' 4
So I had to drop my top and I was gone
All that mothafuckin' cheddar I had like sixty on
Had to shut the packs cause they had to pull me over
I was on cut flexing with like 38
And I hop up in that hooptie all them niggas fake
In the next fucking day I catch up with louise state
They say damn soulja you done did your squad feet
In the next day my flex was on the fucking screen
Swag bag and they both had them for 16
Had 33 keys in a fucking jeep
I had pistol stacked, under my fucking seat
Trap boy soulja, boom caught it colder
I had gun stashed up in every sofa
And them niggas say damn trey you done took it over
I been whipping this and this, since like 4 older


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