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U.S. of Hate

No phones in Tokyo for callin' London
A famous dame in Spain said Canada's for cunts
I can't go to mexico, I've played that game
A rose, a rita, jails, and
My 'tis of thee

Everybody loves to hate us Americans
Yet you wanna be (a commie) a citizen
Good luck in Italy, good luck in Iran
If i only had a brain, I'd go to Amsterdam

When ya get into a scrape with other countries
You'll be kissin' ass again
Kiss this

I don't like Disneyland
I can't stand Uncle Sam
I don't believe in the Klan
I can't believe in statues made from France

(Backup Repeats Continuously: Hate, hate, livin' in the U.S.Hate)

Kissinn' ass to Americans
Suckin' on the USA
Broken glass and smokin' crack
Livin' in the U.S.Hate

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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