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UNWRITTEN LAW Biography Scott Russo - vocals
Steve Morris - guitars
Pat PK Kim - bass
Dylan Howard - drums Southern California's UNWRITTEN LAW has become synonymous with the sounds of summer by releasing some of the most celebrated rock records of recent memory, touring the world to play for sold out crowds, holding the #1 slot on the Billboard Modern Rock charts and becoming a staple of the summer's biggest festival, Vans Warped Tour.

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Short Information
Unwritten Law
San Diego, California, United States|U.S.
Post-grunge, alternative rock, pop punk
Years Active
Red Eye Records|Red Eye, Epic Records|Epic, Interscope Records|Interscope, Lava Records|Lava, Abydos, Suburban Noize Records|Suburban Noize
Current Members
Scott Russo
Dylan Howard
Kevin Besignano
Derik Envy
Past Members
John Bell
Wade Youman
Rob Brewe
Anthony Palermo|Tony Palermo
Steve Morris
Pat "PK" Kim