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(And the beat goes...)

He looked Up
Stared at the sky for an answer
A gust of wind
A brush of skin
But that wasn't enough for him
He wanted to look down
But started looking Up again
Kept wondering what Up could bring
If Up could bring him Up to the surface
Enough to breathe
It's tough when the water's above your lips
And your nose is too stuffed to sniff
In the way that's
Too buff to tread
Arms feel heavy
And legs won't kick like Augustus [???]
He looked Up
Stared at the bottom of the raindrops
Raised his hands up under the spill
And as the rain fell down from Up
He felt what he thought he couldn't
Looking from under the bridge
Dumped his knapsack
Flushed his pills
Hopin' shit'll look Up from here
He looked Up..

[Hook x2]
Is anybody Up there listening?
I could use a little help right now
Is anybody Up there listening?
I'm on my way, on my way Up...

She looked Up
Stared at the ceiling for an answer
The phone rang
Ignored again
She was too exhausted to speak
And tired of the ol' "gotta stay stronger," speech
There's no Up to a woman that's down
So there's no use trying to "U" up that frown
She was given three months to breathe
Which was off by a month and a couple of weeks
Her family saw it as a blessing
All she saw was Up
Pull the plug
She was never really one to whine
She would just wonder why
She couldn't be up while the sun was high
"Please put me down
So I can start my climb towards Up
I know I'm too young to die
But this is not what I call being alive..."
She looked up...

[Hook x2]

He looked down
Buried his face in his painting
His tear stains smeared the paint
He feared this day would come
But he was overwhelmed by the screams from up
And it was unfair to run
But where could he go?
He was the brick wall to some
For the love of my son
What the fuck have I done?

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