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Viral (freestyle)

Bitch goin crazy
Bitch, I'm viral
Ha! Ha!
Bitch I'm viral

[Verse 1]
Bitches talking crazy
I grab my choppa off the dresser, killers really raised me
These bitches all up in my face cuz bitches love to hate me
I really hustled for these millions, bitches f*cking lazy
Aye brodie pack him up
Aye turn your savage up
She wanna speak on Asian Doll?
These bitches mad as f*ck
I tatted Von across my face so niggas know what's up
I'm really crip, I'm really gangsta
Bitches f*cked for bucks
Aye who you speaking on?
Bitch who you leechin' on?
You wanna take a ride to hell and get yo speakers blown
I'm in the whip with Dougie B, we got our heater on
I'm really raw if I make bitches get they creeping on
The f*ck?
If I say, he coming
If that nigga try to cuff, the only time I'm running
I don't politic with niggas cuz I'm really from it
These bitches stay up in they feelings now she moving funny
f*ck, she fool
These niggas bitches too
Stay on my dick, I'm really raw
I'll drop a song for proof
Can't speak on Asian, bitches' eaters
Niggas know they swoop
Just let these bitches run they mouth cuz we know whats the truth
Yeah, official
Too fresh, he blow my whistle
I got some bitches in they feelings, Twinkle pass the tissue
He said I'm pretty, thats my homie, what the f*ck the issue?
I'm with my heart, I'm with some crips
These bitches half a nickel
If I talk, it's viral

Date Added: 2022-01-21
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