Smash Mouth - Virgin Girl Lyrics

Virgin Girl

Met a girl last summer
she was a pearl, a virgin girl
talked awhile on the corner
she was high, she was really bye, bye
had a sandy dress, unshaven legs
but a beauty you could not faze
and who am I to say that her beauty goes away
when she smokes the sensi day after day
my integrity does not agree

she calls me in the morning
and says let's go to the beach
and I say smoke it if you please but girl
at least don't leave your keys
she packs the pipe as much as she can fill
she packs it up, she smokes it up
and says that's good shit
about this time I start feeling just right
I'm trying to drive with acontact high
so pump pump pump pump pump pump
pump pump pump pump my brakes
a style in the make of my in-take

what's it do for ya
what's it prove for ya
all that she could up with is this
what'cha got against
why you on defense
let me tell you something about hemp
it's the healing of the nation
the food of the gods
the product of your mother
you know you got me wrong
so roll it up, roll it up
stick it in a bomb
even make a Jamaican man sing a happy song
and I don't know what it means
when they say go long, go long
but I own every record by "Cheech and Chong"
it makes me feel so sexy when I'm lying in your arms
all natural, no need to be alarmed
when they legalize this shit
I think I'll buy a farm

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