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Wake Up Sally

Okay, now, try to stay quiet.
Wake up, Sally, yeah, the cops are here
And they keep knockin' at the door
Flashlights shinin' through the window in front
Keep quiet and lay flat on the floor
Now, someone musta told 'em we were hidin' out here
I bet yer big dumb brother told a friend
Now we gotta make it out the back before
Just saw two more pullin' round the bend
Hey, I shoulda known better than to rob that bus
Just-a twelve bucks layin' in the tray
Now I hear the sheriff on the radio
We gotta crawl out back and get away
Chorus repeat
Now didja gas up the truck like I told you to?
No, we can't take the dog, he's gonna bark
We're outside, now, slide into neutral gear
We'll roll out the back driveway and then we'll start
Chorus repeat
Now, there's ten more troopers on the roundabout
Turn the corner, see a camera and a light
Now, Sally, keep the dog down or we'll be had
And then up on the television next Monday night
Wake up, Sally, we're in Kansas now
I'm gonna pull out this map while you steer
We might as well drive on to Idaho
Hey, there's some more police behind us,
Better hide the beer
Chorus repeat
Wake up, Sally, yeah, the cops are here
So we'll just do what we did before
Crawl out back, get into that old truck
And slam that pedal––
Keep the dog down––
We gotta head south, gotta get outta town––
And slam that pedal to the floor

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