Babyface - Water Runs Dry Lyrics

Water Runs Dry

Written by babyface (1994)Performed by boyz ii menWe don't even talk anymoreAnd we don't even know what we argue aboutDon't even say I love you no more'cause sayin' how we feel is no longer allowedSome people will work things outAnd some just don't know how to changeLet's don't wait till the water runs dryWe might watch our whole lives pass us byLet's don't wait till the water runs dryWe'll make the biggest mistake of our livesDon't do it babyNow they can see the tears in our eyesBut we deny the pain that lies deep in our heartsWell maybe that's a pain we can't hideCause everybody knows that we're both torn apartWhy do we hurt each otherWhy do we push love awayHookSome people will work things outAnd some just don't know how to changeHook[Water Runs Dry lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ne dejemos que muera el amor(spanish)Vivimos como extranos tu y yoApenas nos hablamos, todo es discusionHay un vacio en el corazonSeria demasiado un gesto de amorQuizas una caricia pueda salvar la ilusionNo dejemos que muera el amorSi en el fondo nos duele partirNo dejemos que muera el amorNo es possible la vida sin tiTe necesitoA veces yo te veo llorarY se cuando el dolor no se puedo ocultarMe debes una oportunidadSi todo lo pasado no vuelve a pasarPor que sequir sufriendo y no volver a empezarCoroQuizas una caricia pueda salvar la ilusionCoro

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