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We Want In

It's a new day in the rap game
This year the council taking over
Anything moving, we want in
A nick or dime is sold in the park, we want in
A song is recorded, we want in
Your album drop, we want in

[Verse 1 - Mekka Millz]
The reason why they all in a bunch and Mekka stands out
Cause most hoes suck, they stuck on the same bounce
Can't even put her in order, the gap is spaced out
Without a trick and a hat, speak true and open
By just giving em facts and tell em listen to that
Move with such emotion, you would think I had flaps
I'm that good, no pace, I stay [?]
Hoes wanna fight her cause I give em a bad look
Put it in other meaning, clap and give em a bad look
You bitches only say it, you ain't half of a half crook
That's why they all faded, cause they saying the same stuff
So I don't believe, claiming that you hard
Well, you gotta show me, and I ain't talking a scar
I wanna see you spit it, and I ain't talking a bar
Cause when the truth comes out [?]

[Verse 2 - Ali Vegas]
Uh oh, the flow's water, the words doing the breaststroke
Rap is crack, I invest in the best coke
I'm on my bike, I'll be damn if I'm left broke
I got it locked down from the east to the west coast
We ain't Grammy award winners
But if we knock off these grams we all winners
Y'all niggas is fools, you're all dinner
Mind over matter, what matters is what's on my mind, and that's money
Yes, I'm that hungry
A joke, a pill face, and a [?], I'm that funny
You wanna know how I know what I know
Just ask [?] clapped Sonny
Don't get clapped sonny, I just lost to my pride
Forced to ride if you take that from me
Just let me take my place in a circle of rap
Kick the snare til the drum pattern turn purple and black
See the world through the eyes of Saigon everything's purple and black

I know you ain't think it was over
It wouldn't be a council without Abandoned Nation
Who was y'all niggas thinking?
Ayo Saigon, where you at?

[Verse 3 - Saigon]
I said one, and here come the two to the three and four
That's before I declare war
If I declare war, you gon see some more
Like five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven
Niggas is ready to send your bitch ass to Heaven
Ali'll eat your food, that's my Dude like Devin
I'm a lyrical living legend, brethren
I run with 45 Colts but my name is not Edgerrin
Nigga, my name Brian, I live what you claim in your rhyme
Just last night I was aiming the nine
Cause some kid came in with his shine
Put the thing to his spine, now tonight I'm out claiming it's mine
You only get hoes cause you hopping out of a coupe
In prison I got more letters than alphabet soup
I used to rap with some niggas, they was hot in the booth
But they was pussy, so I kicked myself out of the group
Let's go

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