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As I walk through time and space
Nourished from this holy feast
I tear through cosmic sea
Obtain a universe's farewell kiss

Levitated in unmeasured far
A blissful dream illuminated

Captured in this bright sparkling glitter dome
An enlightened shimmering black chamber
Levitating grand massive comets
Into here and then ascend to rise

A maze built by suns and planets within
To cut through evanescent infinite gravity
Their presence, spirited, edged and alive
A momentum in allegiance, devotion and pride

Evermore supernal emboldened
Transcend sincere desire
From fluid to form, and liquid to life
In barren earth moribund

Suppressed in dreadful contestation
In smoldering, rotten sympathy
Blazed in vast pervade paradise
In surplus, stained resplendence

Broaden, unbundles pursuit of life
In blessed observance combined
Conceive, subsist in gratitude
From each universe echoed

Weltseele A magnitude diaspora

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