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What Do We Do

Born with a creative mind, got so many rhymes inside my cranium
The system weren't designed for us so David Cameron and his gang I ain't rating 'em
When I came into the underground, I came up as the underdog
I had so much love for my baby-mum, it's mad now, all that love is gone
19, sitting in my bedroom, writing bars to beats that were made by Wookie
And they say you are what you eat, if that's the case, you man are nothing but pussy
Everyone trying to prove how real they are
If it ain't "Ace Hood Flow" then it's man talking about how man killed the bar
That's boring fam, that killed the bar
I'm still here fighting my demons
Satan tryin'a fuck up my plans
But you don't get to choose the cards you're dealt out, so I've gotta just play my hand
So I've gotta just go for my portion
Little man wants new Jordans
Last week I had a dream me and three chicks had a foursome
And I've still got a thing for Jamelia
Beautiful black girl, you skin ain't gotta be light for me to be feeling ya
Be proud of your pigmentation, you're amazing
And I've still got a thing for chicks that are Asian
Ayesha from EastEnders, oh what a hot ting
I'm just showing my appreciation
So what do we do now?
At fifteen, all I could think about was smoking weed and wanting to move out
Hit seventeen then I moved out
Then I got blessed with my son
And that's when life got real
And that's when I signed up for fatherhood
Yeah nigga, signed and sealed (for life)
Bad my chicks on a pre and ting
My son's mum tried stop me from seeing him
That didn't work, I know that it burns every time that you see me and him
I've got so much respect for my father
Without you man, it would'a been harder
Also my friends grew up with no dad
So it's love and respect that I show dad
And I big up my real friends that are there to tell me when I'm moving off-key
I don't discriminate but a girl with [?] totally knocked me, stop me
How are you mad fam?
I see through these niggas like a CAT scan
Something like an American muscle car, truss me the flow's on Trans-Am (skyy)
And knowledge is power, so I kill MCs in the game with words and I don't mean hangman
I've got bars and flows that will make everyone try jump on the sky like Gangnam
I'm like "wagwan fam-fam, cool-cool rudeboy, you be the badman"
Real gangstas move in silence, done talk, make way for your highness

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