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Whatever I Want

featuring Mike Jones[Usher]YeahIf you only knewI already sized you upSittin' next to me lookin' so toughAnd your fixin' your hair runnin' your gameTellin' me I only want one thing girlSincerity's what you need for now In a while the truth will all come outAnd its almost unfair to meWhat you wanna say baby ready to see[Chorus]It's so clear to meIts that everyone will hear you speakingWhatever I wanna do Its whatever I wanna doWhatever I want I can do to youWhatever I want I can do to youWhatever you say is just givin me wellWhatever I want baby I can doWhatever I want[Usher]You can't get enoughMan, conversation I can feel your touchYou losin' points trying to play the roleLet's keep it cool nonsexualGirl I know how you feelBut you don't want it for realIt's whatever I wanna doYou don't even know what you got into[Chorus][Usher]It just ain't rightYou feelin'so frustrated[Whatever I Want lyrics on]You can' stop the feelingThe feeling is close to meGirl you know that Everything you need is right hereSo now when we do whatever we want to (ohh yeahh)Whatever I Want[Mike Jones]Mike Jones!Whatever I wantWhatever I needShe'll do whatever it takes to give it to meShe don't trip, don't fall 'cause she know I'll kick her outAnd when I get bored bring her back to my houseI'm Mike JonesWho? Mike JonesHitta chick quick and make her walk home'cause whatever I want to do I'ma do to youI'm a grown man so I do what I wanna do So until you figure it out I'm kickin' you outBecause I feel good singleI don't need no spouseI'm a bachelor who just got his Bachelor's DegreeSo if you pretty sexy and thick come holla at me281-330-8004That's my cell phone numba hit me up on tha low281-330-8004That's my cell phone numba hit me up on tha lowI'm Mike JonesWHO?Swisha House![Chorus][Usher talking]Whatever I wantWhatever I want.

Date Added: 2007-07-27
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