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Where Da At?

What ya heart beatin' fa? U scared.[echo]

{Chorus 1}

What ya heart beatin' fa? U scared.What ya heart beatin' fa?
Where da at? in da club
Where da at? showin luv
Where da at? in a drop riden 22s dubed
Where da at? in da street
Where da at? with da beef
Where da at? with da bitch still talkin 'bout me
Where da at? in da back
Where da at? in a Lac
Where da at? in da hood still gettin da ass jacked
Where da at? get 2 it
Where da at? in da hood yea
Where da at? talkin bad but it's still all good yea.

{Verse 1}

Well Im rollin with da gansters
Kick it wit da G's
Hustle wit da hustlers
Im da heart of da street
Grind wit da ballers
Ball with da grinders
Keep it real wit my clicks so my whole team shiners
Ride wit da riders
Swim wit da sharks
If I get caught i got nuthin 2 say 2 da law
Im built 2 last ever since dem niggaz killed my dad
Crack,a pen and blade all I had
Lets get how u live wit me
Busters don't know how 2 deal wit me
Its all real wit me
All da street niggaz scared of me
All da hot gurlz luv me dey say "boy put dat drill 2 me"
I come through wit mo tint on da truck
I got a whole block spooked when I ride slow pulllin it up
I got straight single gin in my cup
I aint gon do ya nuthin scarey azz nigga
What ya heart beatin fa?


{Verse 2}

Im in a club post up way in da back
Got a bottle of gin and I snuck in wit da Mack
Got fresh bauds on, Rees on my feet
Hoez luv when Im thuggin wit my fresh white teez
Im bout whateva
Gizzle wit da G
We can do it whateva it don't matter 2 me
We can do it right here or we can take it outside
Im young but believe I been bout mine
I ride when it's time 2 ride
I grind when it's time 2 grind
Swing iron when it time to bust
Swing dick when it's time to fuck
Im a choppa city nigga come try yo luck
U want beef I aint scared nigga Im everywhere
U don't be where u say u be u neva there
U walkin like you bout it bitch nigga u scared
I see ya heart beatin so busta break bread


{Verse 3}

Niggaz caught in da zone
U betta watch it when Im cocking my chrome
Cause dem clubz dey actually money get dome
U betta leave me alone
I aint no bitch I don't talk shit on da phone
I got somethin dat just might follow u home
Naw aint dey azz wrong
How could u rect if u ready 2 blow
I guess dat fat bitch is singin her song
Bitch is singin her song
You bust a ride lil boyz aint grown
You mighta had us but ya back aint strong
So once again it's on
U must be smokin on dat cheap cha-chong
Think u can handle me but somethin is wrong
Somethin is wrong
Cause write it in blood or carve it in stone
Otherwise u will have problems wit her
Problems wit her
U can't get rid of me
Not even Penatintuary
A friend 2 me
U need 2 be
Im hotta than commidady
Without a mask stop a nigga fa his cash
Hot lead make his mutherfuckin heart beat fast

What ya heart beatin fa? U scared
What ya heart beatin fa?

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