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White Lights

And I'm in the ocean
Fresher than a bitch, sipping on some shit
Fresher than a bitch, count the brand new kicks.
I'm the world around the...
And I came so hard with the ...
Nigger fresh, I'm the same
When you see me, stupid clean
Nigger is mad, nigger is mad
Never ever I don't brag, I don't brag
I'm just ...clever, and I ...
Making history every time you flip the channel
Haters get ..., young soldier boy
Yeah, I'm that mother fucking nigger
That you see on the shopping spree
Everything I ... I complete
Everything is on the regular!
Cash on my schedule, this little...
Don't... down, and you know I'm getting hot
right next to a clown, no no, but...
Smoke it up, smoke it up
Roll this shit, roll this shit
Put it in your... don't choke, bitch, choke bitch
Everywhere you go, you know I smoke this, smoke this
Never gave a fuck, I provoke it, voke it
Young nigger rolling, young nigger music
Young nigger, pretty nigger, rich nigger music.
And that fucking...
Bad bitched with me, never gave a fuck,
we're here, switching chair!
I had the shit all down to us
... money, gang, what a fuck...
...we're getting cash every day,
See my niggers in the town
I'm... put it down, and I .. the fucking crowd
Niggers, come and kill it now
Niggers, come and
Young digits, so... with this shit
Young music coming in
Purple drink what I sip
Young niggers smoking herb, young niggers doing work
Getting cash, getting cash, getting money, yes I serve
Serve on the... toss it in my hood
West Side, West side, everything all good
And I'm in the...
And I'm gripping...
Niggers mad at the swag, only wish..
Young nigger click, with the shit up in your...
Everywhere we go, you know I'm smoking it, smoking it
Cush on.. man, who rolling it, rolling it?
Go along... nigger
Call .. tell him cut the check!
Young ...when you see me, young...
All the whores going crazy, I'mma make history
Put my name in a mother fucking text
Plus you know everywhere I go that's a...
Young nigger gotta...
Keep a nigger s clean, got a... on my shades
Got Versaci rolling in...
I go higher, I go faster, I gave money, you're like...
I'm so flyer, I get higher, I go fire
Young nigger came in..
Nigger where we're rapping?
Young niggers so fly, never ever gave a fuck
Write my name in the sky, young niggers rolling up
Rolling up, more drink, more drink, more hoes, more bitches
Dude, I really know ...
In the hood, in the... toast it at the fucking...
Young niggers making all this money at the back
When I step inside the... all that cash I'm...
We gonna drink champagne in this..
Never ever gave a fuck, I'm too young, I'm too rich
Take that shit and smoke it up!

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