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Who You Supposed To Be

You Know when you sent that address, you know that I pulled up
Said you was in the cut? bitch stop lying, Zoe told me where you was
Its one of me and three of ya'll, I ain't trippin' I know what that was
Catch 'em while he waiting for that nasty bitch outside the club
Stand down to who? bitch who you supposed to be
Drew down with that burner and ain't use it, whats that 'posed to be?
Bitch y'all tipped in, not one of y'all can say y'all took YB
Tears falling down my face still letting em know it ain't no ho in me
Everything with a nigga money can't spend it, might as well say your name
Tore up ass nigga, with them ham ass down chains
Walked in this bitch by myself, no I don't need a gang
Put your hands on me, I don't wanna fight, you gon' catch one to the brain (BANG)
Niggas ain't your niggas if you ain't up, then they gon' get you split
But I know how to play that game, I won't be a victim
16 with a dirty pistol, I feel like fuck a nigga
Play me you gon' get your issue, and thats for any nigga

Date Added: 2017-08-21
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