Babyface - With All My Heart Lyrics

With All My Heart

Written by babyface (1993)Performed by walter & scottyWe started out as friendsWho really loved being togetherNever knowing we would find a love to last foreverFor after allWe were just kids experiencing the joys of puppy loveYet ever since the day we first touched there was a feelingAnd even when I think of you right nowI still get a chill up and down my spineI can't believe the way I feelAfter all this timeI love you (I still love you)With all my heart and soulOh darlin'I'll never let you go[With All My Heart lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]It's been like twenty years of love and not one minute longerAnd tough we have had our ups and downsOur love keeps getting strongerWhat's in our hearts, that makes us love the way you doGod keeps blessing me with youFor no one ever dreamed that such a love could get much betterWe knew deep in our hearts that destiny would keep us togetherWe will never apart, I can't deny what we feel insideWe'll last thru all timeHookLet's celebrate the many years of love we've shared togetherFor no one ever dreamed it would last so longI cherish every moment with your love I couldn't be betterHere's to the love, that keeps us both so strongHook 3 times

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