Lloyd Banks - Without You Lyrics

Without You

If you a g this for you
Cause thats a mind if i see then i pursue
Take a look at where i come from
You'll see what i been through
Snake niggas get beheaded
Guillotine em out the crew
Funny thing is without you
I wouldnt have a crew
And what to do
When ran into
A lady such as ya self
That lady has an agenda
But lady has some character
My lady heart bigger
I love my glock
Married her, Carried her
Through my daily
They mad
They cant compare me
Think i wont hit ya ?
You'll be smoke clipped
Ya hear me
Not really
Shout to all da haters
Cause thats all they really want
Attention from money makers
And funny neighbords
And VVS lasers
Pool partys
Bitches in bikinis doin favors
And negative niggas raised us
And gave us da game
Playin everything carefully
Prepared to be da main

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Date Added: 2008-09-19
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