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Women Are The New Dogs

damn girl
they true what they say is ti
yeah look liek
the table is on turn
i mean but a look might say to say
the women are the new dog to ..

she's mine even though she's yours
you aint' the only one breaking the ..
They seem right but that's hwo we made up
women are the new player
dont' hate em
and she be lie when she say where she go
..big quiet when you call on the phone
i had to question why girl you're doing so wrong
she said i got it from you
women are the new dogs

i'm nice liek .. on the freestyle
he know i'm fam my number one is ..
uh she feelin get a big dam
he come here yeah will be warmer liek the big ..
nigga your chick choke ..
i step up int he night spot i aint' even ..
a p**sy hit, p**sy love, p**sy
truefuly ngga i thought i was ..shit
till i seen a sipping henessy dark women to ..that
and women to be hard
when i say hard i aint' talkign liek Rihanna
talkign first lane the vagina
i .. liek em like expected neck
see as much but i still give em respect
she's a she aint' nothign btu a new dog
so i put on more than just two part


and i'm thinking i'm doing dog dirty
thinkign she good thinking she not work
and no not boy that i expect she was still give me sex to a ..
till my ..the radio station till you .. on a segmenet a true confession hey aprove without a question
but you was hitting .. doing a
you said i hope this niggas is production
they all laugh about on the west side ..
i'm..poiting on em
feelign lieka jack ass ..getting withotu desert
..while i was getting mine
and she was getting hurt
and .. right out the .. women on a new ..


they say women are the new dogs
'cause a lot of women turning in the new ..
and the .shwo thing
back to winnign being a new ..this is the ..
listen to that new ..Snoop Dog
you think them bitches aint' shit but ..
supposed to get
like uncle ..never ..

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