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Wonderful World

[Verse 1]
The sun still shines and the grass still grows
Rain still falls and the wind still blows
Seasons change, as the days grow old
Trapped in a maze with the same
World still turns as we imitate clones
Time ticks on as we age so slow
On with the show till the stage explodes
With the same metaphors engraved in my skull
What do I live for? Why am I breathing?
Why did I come here? When am I leaving?
How will I know when Im diving off the deep end?
Please, tell me what the fucks the big secret?
Why will time reveal my episode?
Why should I suffer in a life I never chose?
And can I say goodbye when my credits roll?

[Hook] x2
Oh, how life must feel in a wonderful world
Oh, how life must feel in a wonderful world

[Verse 2]
Starring the little girl, only seven years old
Peddling a bicycle in the center of the road
Met with a driver with less than control
Who gets left with a dent as shes sent to the morgue
Middle-aged dad, breadwinner for his family
Demanded the title, lived life old fashion
His little kids hero, Daddy couldn't lose
Until that afternoon when doc broke the news
Three months later, kids sobbing
Watching their hero coughing with tubes lodged in his nostrils
Wife screams while blood trickles off of his bottom lip
Say goodbye to your father, kids
Pretty, young female, job out of college
Sixty gs a year, living life flawless
Till shes found dead in the underground parking
Missed and forgotten, lost in this wonderful world

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3]
Starring the fat kid with acne, the class clown
Always laughing, but kept his sadness in the background
Tired of the insults
Another life wasted when mom finds him hanging in the basement
Newborn baby born to a runaway
Starving, but mother couldn't afford another day
There was only one way
Held her newborn, took a run and jumped in front of the subway
Straight A student, bright future ahead of him
Leaving in autumn, studying in medicine
Worked the night shift
Fell asleep in his ride and collides
Now he'll never use his arms and legs again
Now whether youre the girl on the road
Or the father, or female, kid or
Newborn, or the student with goals
We'll all be missed and forgotten, lost in
This wonderful world

[Hook] x2

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