[Verse 1]

My pockets looking thin
Like still fresh who is him
Im bright need the lights dim
Covered in the shade of brim
A dib on your bitch like zim
Eating niggas alive still looking slim
I'm the reaper and yous lookin grim
Taking your soul leave your heart with a hole
Get to make me feeling whole
Who a real one like Korea I'll take the one with Seoul
Having this much power on most people takes a toll
But I ain't green as a tadpole
Like to carry my green but I like the convenience of a debit card
Sell your bitch for a pence
Concentrated marijuana we like to rip it hard
Brain has lost its cents
Mictlante regain your sense
My thought process dense
Hence my mind jam packed
I hope that's understandable
Gee I'm fucking jaw smacked
Your bitch my dick in the mandible
I'm not a celebrity I prefer celerity
Hoping I die on a good polarity
Finna die soon I stopped caring about austerity
Where I come from the schools rigor
I'm a small cog when I want to beaner bigger
You seen me unhappy instituted
This isn't for me school just diluted
Long haired looking like a judas
I don't know how I do this
They ask how do you do this?
I woke myself up like a Buddhist
Life about to bite me in the ass like a barracuda
Shit when did get to Cuba
Puffing on the mind of Buddha
I am he, no that's ludicrous
My nigga I ain't ever relaxed
Taxing you niggas pay up
Nothing can get me to corrupt


Pussy and money are for these fucking mortals
I'm in and out of portals to other worlds
Fucking some intergalactic girls
I don't know I been on a lot pearls
Ones as blue as the ocean
I like the water but prefer purple potions
Notion stopping ahead of the motion
Losing em-
Haha I'm done

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