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Came in this bitch, I was whipping my wrist
Ain't nothing, a young nigga rich
Niggas know that they can't do it like this
Came out the trap, whipping up bricks
Fuck up the pot, I fuck up the stove
Stand in the kitchen I'mwhipping the bowl
Alla my rari's is 50k
Shoutout my jeweler he keep me straight
Young Nigga Rich (x6)

Rich Gang, Catch me ridin' with stunna
Young rich nigga on the block
Just took a trip at the tiawana
I run with that sack, I can't fumble
Most of these rappers be pussy
Rollin up 4 grams of them backwood
I'm smokin' on cookie
Back in the trap
Yeah you know that I'm cappin it
Young rich nigga posted up with savages
Stand in the kitchen
I'm whipping & packaging
In the kitchen hit the pot with spatula
Alla my shooters they kick down your front door
Stand in the kitchen then I hit the pole with my elbow
Get a pint of hi-tec or po up a fo'
Fell in love with mula nigga already know


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