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Yacht Club

Earl on the beat

Runnin` up bands, got my guap up
All the bad hoes wanna top us
Too many wild parties on the yacht
Me and Boat got kicked out the yacht club

Ayy, ayy, air it out
Pull up at your spot, and I air it out
Gang on the gas and it`s very loud
Stop sayin` my name before you wear it out
I been sippin` lean, tryna slow me down
I need me a bitch that`ll hold me down
Gang comin` strong, yeah we rollin` out
Throw a party like Rollin` Loud

Ayy, don`t come unless she stay in focus
Soldiers at 10-4, sent your bitch the info
Feelin` real blessed with Juice, that`s my kinfolk
Bless up, she tell me I`m a god, get on her knees for confession
Sent a vid to her nigga, had to teach a lesson
Me and Boat only want bad hoes in our section
Juice, why these pussy ass niggas always pressin`?
I don`t know, let `em talk, I`ma go get my Smith & Wesson

Blessed boys under 21, steady flexin`
I`m gettin` too rich, can`t do flights with connections
.40 on my hip, I won`t fight, bitch I`m reckless
Codeine what I sip, that shit come in straight from Texas
Reach for my chain, you`ll get beat just like Nexus
Lamborghini dreams, but you still drive a Lexus
I`m a young king, I might fuck Alexis Texas
But I ain`t on no Drake shit, I won`t get her pregnant

Damn, young Juice WRLD, boy, you reckless
And I feel you, until I get her naked
When I get up in it, I might have to stay in
Well if she goin` like that, let`s run a train then
Fuck, I think I nutted in her, I might need a playpen
And a stroller
How I get this deep? We rode her like a Rover
No games, but I XBOX control her

She do the gang like a nerd doin` homework
.40 in my pants, that bitch thought it was a boner
If I go broke, I`ma juug off Motorolas
But now I`m up in France, Lil Boat, that`s my mans
We get the green and then we fly around like Peter Pan
That`s cool, but I just thought `bout somethin`, wait
This baby got your face
So fuck that lil` baby, boy`s back to the place
Back to the trap, back to the gang

Runnin` up bands, got my guap up (Runnin` the guap up)
All the bad hoes wanna top us (They wanna top us)
Too many wild parties on the yacht (Ohh-oh)
Me and Boat got kicked out the yacht club (Out the yacht club)

Listen here, be alright
Shit hard

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