Soulja Boy - You Got Mail Lyrics

You Got Mail

Soulja Boy made it!Ahhhhhhh u know what im sayin when im talkinIm talkin bout more than just mailIm talkin bout alot in this thang [chorus:]You Got MailYou Got Mailyou got you got you got mailyou got mailyou you you you you got mailyou got mail[verse 1:]I got mail I Got Money I Got Hard I Got WeedI Got Cush I Got Purp I Got Anything You NeedI Got Soulja I Got Boy I Got Don I Got LoeI Got A I Got Rab I Got 30 At yo DoorI Got Cell I Got Phone I Got Ice I GOt ChromeI Got Hits I Got Chicks, I Got To Girls to give me domeI Got Drank, I Got Rank, I Got Bathing and I Got ApesI Got True I Got False I Got Real And I Got Fake[chorus][You Got Mail lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com][verse 2:]I Got Music I Got Sones I Got Rings I Got TonesI Got Fifty I Got Caps I Got Race I Got TracksI Got Blow I Got Land I Got Snow I Got ManI Got Songs Make You Cry I Got Songs Dat make you danceI Got Red I Got Blue I Got St. I Got LouI Got Beef I Got Ana I Got Tony And MontanaI Got Girls I Got Clothes I Got Friend I Got FoesI Got Fans I Got Groupies And daz just da way it goes[chorus][verse 3:]I Got 30 I Got Deep I Got You I Got MeI Got 10 I Got Pump 4 But aint talkin bout gasolineI Got bling I Got blur i got him and i got her I Got dis I Got dat I Got fans white and blackI Got Hunderds I Got Fifties I Got country I Got cityI Got dat energy in my body to make da crowd get crunk wit meI got cars I Got Bikes I Got Shootouts and i got fightsI Got Kool I Got Aid I Got Wut it takes to get paid[chorus]

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