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Young MC (Marvin Young, May 10, 1967) was a rapper who was most popular for his 1989 hit "Bust a Move", which won a Grammy for best Rap Record. His first album, "Stone Cold Rhymin'", is generally seen as a brilliant pop-rap album. It was released on Delicious Vinyl Records and re-issued by Rhino Records. After he left Delicious Vinyl Records, his career took a dive from which he never recovered.

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Young Mc Lyrics
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Short Information
Young MC
Birth Name
Marvin Young
Mr. MC, The Young MC Man
Birth Date
10 May 1967
South Wimbledon, London, England
Queens, New York, USA
Hip Hop, Pop Rap
Singer-songwriter, Record producer|Producer, Actor
Years Active
Delicious Vinyl, Capital Records, Overall Records, Young Man Moving Records
Associated Acts
Def Jef, Tone-Loc, MC Hammer