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Yves Larock is one of world's most recognised producers and a highly renowned international DJ from Switzerland. Over the past few years Yves has been behind a string of international cross-over hits such as Zookey', Rise Up' and By Your Side'. Taking influence from a wide musical spectrum, Yves unique production style brings together elements of House, Hip-Hop, R&B, Ragga, Reggae and Electro to a devastating effect.

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Yves Larock Lyrics
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Short Information
Yves Larock
Birth Name
Yves Cheminade
Birth Date
20 April 1977
Neuch√Ętel, Switzerland
House music|House
Years Active
2002-present|label Millia Records (2009-present)
[[Universal Music Group|ULM]] (2007-present)
Data Records (2007-present)
MAP Records (2004-2006)
D:vision Records (2004-present)
Outrage (2004)
Royal Flush Records (2005)
Mconvene (2006)
Unlimited Sounds (2006)
[[Ultra Records]] (2005-present)
Associated Acts
Africanism All Stars
Brazilian Kiss