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Hey Tonight

I know it's late
It's the lonely hour
But I've seen your window
And I've knocked on your door
There's no need to hide
I'm a love lost disaster
And sooner or later you're gonna find out
Just what I'm here after

Hey tonight say that you still love me
The way that you always did before
Hey tonight say the fire is still burning
And in the morning pretend we don't see the ashes on the floor

There's blood on these streets
I know that I'm losing
My heart's been left open
And I'm falling away
I know that I could
I could change if I have to
But I've been here so long I think I've learned to like it this way

Into the ocean and with no light
I'm sinking this ship tonight
I'm going down fast
Won't you hold on tight

Don't turn on the lights
Don't look out from inside
Because I know how this ends
And I just can't stand it this way

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