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In A Dark Place

Something calls me
From a dark place
And so I pray every night
Something knows me
It whispers my name
And I'm losing my faith
I can feel it breathing
But it feels like something dead and cold
I can feel it waiting
But it waits for something in my soul
Sometimes I call out for you, and sometimes I'm afraid
So I beg God
For salvation, for an angel
Every night
And I ask God
Can He forgive me?
And I want to believe
I think I hear it laughing
But it sounds like my voice lost and old
I think it showed me Heaven
And now I know why I'm scared to die
Am I a fool in the dark, I don't know
Am I the ghost in my dreams, I don't know
Am I a shadow of life, I don't know
Am I afraid of the truth, I don't know
Sometimes I call out for you, and sometimes I'm afraid
So I ask for
One small mercy?
But it whispers 'Who are you?'
So I ask God
If He can save me?

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