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Moonbeam Rider

Ride on
To higher ground
Ride the sunrise

Ride on

Ride the hog high
You're glory bound
Ride on
There is no time
You're moving on
Ride on

There is a sign
Another town

All is forgotten memories
Bad muckin' luck and misery
Trouble and time left way behind
Trouble and time, a thousand crimes
And all the things you will regret
There's no reason to be ashamed
And all the things you can't forget

For your many ill-gotten gains
And the Moonbeam shines on the Chrome

Ride on
Don't you realize

What's going on
Ride on
The road to the stars
You're riding on

Did you ever live in this world?
Were you ever within your world?
Ride on and on until you're gone
Do you believe you're born to be
Do you believe you now are free?
The Moonbeam Rider in the sky
The Moonbeam Rider in the sky

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