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said baby dam you got lyrics, make it like poetry!


The thugged out pimped out imagines release them save those roles for the young souls who believe them I want the

undefineable, indescribleable and more, but so clear when you walk through that door, I said I want it hard, mystical,

tender and correct without expectations with all of that met. Take me around the world, but please come direct, speak to

me, speak to my heart


Make it like poetry, make it like poetry, poetry, poetry, give your flow slow to me give all night

Make it like poetry, make it like poetry, poetry, poetry everything wrong you see make alright, make it like


Kisses of raindrops wash away the pain, each stroke is a journey on a long train to a new destination, new meditation in

love relization of possibilities he says to me I've given hard, mystical, tender and correct, without expectations yet all

of them met, take me around the world, but please come direct speak to me, speak to my heart.

[Repeat Chorus]

Make it like

To be or not to be won't be any question

Make it like

The sling of arrows of outrageous love are gone

Make it like

A dream I can touch, a dream I can feel.

Make it like

Only you, only you can take me there

Make it like

Poetry, Poetry, Poetry

[Repeat Chorus until fade]

Yeah Poetry

Tamia Poetry

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