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Position of Security

Play by the rules, no risk, no stress,

Take no chance with success.

Key to it all,

Rise or the fall.

Conditioned for no bad judgement,

Your achievements must always be constant.

What you feel has no part,

See from the start,

For what you see, you might as well be blind.

Hope yor fear, fear of what you might find.

Feel no pain, no feeling at all.

So secluded, so very withdrawn.

Start to regret,

Try to forget.

Pick up the pieces, a shattered existence.

Turn the page, put up some resistance.

Know what to do,

Can you go through?

Your better judgement is starting to tell you lies,

Informing you that you don't qualify.

How can you die,

When you've never lived?

How can you lie,

And expect to forgive?

You choose your way, now here to stay.

Enclosed alone, you should have known.

Stupidity becomes mediocrisy.

How can you die when your life's a lie?

How can you...

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