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Leave... don't try.
They die to get inside.
A falling out, between you and your pride.
No... don't go.
There's something you should know.
This blinding light, can tear apart your soul.
Shattered dreams.
Are not all that they seem.
The light can change from white to blue to green.
Left to right.
There's power in the night.
And the powersurge,
Driven by the light!
Power! building up,
Power! all around you,
Power! you feel it.
Power! a powersurge!
Stay... away.
There's something I must say.
This light reduces all that's in it's way.
In... the dark.
Ignited by a spark.
A fire burns, a fire makes it's mark!
See the flash.
A mountain turns to ash.
Recollection, echos of the past.
Right to left,
Power's what you get.
And the powersurge,
Isn't over yet!
Power! building up,
Power! it's coming back,
Power! feel it.
Power! powersurge!
Coming out of the sun.
There are battles to be won.
Colors change from blue to red.
Forgotten heros, piles of dead.
A mass of steel, down in flame.
Powersurge remains the same.
Comandeer turns to dust,
The mass of steel begins to rust...
Power! building up,
Power! coming back,
Power! in the air!.
Power! a powersurge!

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