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September in the rain - her sweat come a frozen onto
My skin - eliminate the outerspace and come and get i'm
Swing'n down it again - synchronize me - fall away - i
Believe that - I wicked on the way look alive now! yeah!
Stars explode my eyes - well, "i been down a long time"
Days crawl away and die "forever is a long time!"
Remember howling "crazy" like at the moonlight
Superfly - a penetrating powerman "o baby" I'm painted
In the sky - iron fister - on the
Hour / paralyzing demon - flower
- yeah! stars explode my eyes - "i
Been down a long time" days crawl
Away and die "forever is a long
Time!" surround the pain the love's
Insane - got a pseudo-systematic
Gain careening through the neon
Side - a horizontal "mind collide" -
Harum scarum holiday - double
Deal'n on the ones who say
"collapse me with a powerblast"
Groung to zero roll'n fast - ride
The glide - treasure slide - got a
Wooden symbol soul inside - "freeze"
The heart - a razor tear pack she
Doesn't care - if the pillow jacob sky snatch the pad i
Don't deny - been a long time - been a long time - step into
The wind a watch a red girl come alive she scream'n to
The world "i diggin' on the fact that you will not
Survive!" radiate me - walk away - you shook the devil's
Dig deep hand today - yeah! stars explode my eyes, well,
"i been down a long time" days crawl away and die,
"forever is a long time!" a million miles an hour - a
Million miles an hour - a million miles an hour - let's
Get inside!

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