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I could hear myself clear
From the living room
Ruptured pain to fear
Family's dyin soon
Look in my eye what do you see
Lover y amigo tambien enemy
Because the best thing is life
Is for me to sing these words
All i leave at the shows
Are chrome microphone turds
I take fat hits
And i take fat shits
I cap on the girls
Who give out 10$ thigh splits
Yo all i want is respect
In this game
Cause the papa roach style is wild
And not plain
Know what i'm saying
Put us through your speakers
'cause i know that we are banging
Positivity and negativity
We saying that you
Can't get the ying
Without the yang
Confidence and style
Mix it up with some slang
And make it grimy
Just like my little nigga stimey
Step up was up
I came to make friends to the end
And back again
And show your stacks again
Because sometimes i'm x-rated
Sometimes i'm g-rated
Sometimes i bugded crowds
Act wild
And get faded
Wheather it's monday
Or tuesday
Or thursday
Or friday
I'm getting down
Because it's my way
To express the onion hardcore slang
A boogedy bang bang
Boogedy bang bang
Sha bang you know what i'm saying
Put us through your speakers
'cause i know we are banging
Look in my eyes
What do you see
Lover y amigo
Tambien enemy
The good and the bad
Le bein a le mal
Chaos forever
Natural law

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