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[Unknown Title 3]

Another night I can barely sleep
I pray to god my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray to god my soul to take
I pray to god I'll be over great
Not another whack rapper that they overrate
Y'all spoiled like the south in the Florida state
I'm always over worked and never over paid
But I pray for it, yeah
And when they told me that I couldn't man I had to find a way for it, yeah
Serve a table every day, had to find a way to pay for it, damn
And when I started going numb is when I realized I was made for it, yeah
So it's fuck all my feelings, I feel like the villain
Feel like I overstep boundaries
Feel like you're better without me
Feel like I'm drowning
Feel like I never had found me
I don't want no one around me
I don't think nobody know how it feels when there's so many people, yet no one to listen
I try to do good with the talent I'm given
I try to see clear, yet attention's been blocking my vision
Surrounded by fake, and honestly lately debate how much more I can take
A couple more shots to the face
I often don't drink so I'm searchin' for something to chase
She's puttin' my hands on her waist
Her tongue's in my mouth....

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