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... And Then It Hits You (Bloodstream freestyle)

I wish I could change this plot
For real it seems my field of dreams is a vacant lot
So I blaze some pot chase it with some straight Ciroc
No matter what I take I can't find a way to make it stop
And I don't need no preacher from the pulpit
I'm too stressed like playing Russian Roulette with a full clip
I pull spliffs to alleviate the bullshit
To the point my is a 50/50 sativa kush mix
And reefer's what I'm chiefing on
Fill this three foot bong with something that would kill Cheech and Chong
The sickest mixture of keef and trom
Getting me open so I keep on smoking until the feeling's gone
But smoking in public got me in a pig pen
Now we're doing dumb shit with the felons and their sick friends
Developed a thick skin from this hell we live in
So here hit this el and tell me when it kicks in

With all them sob stories you could've wrote a novel
No one cares about your babbling, the reality you solely swallow
It's because of tradition you chose to follow
Was looking for answers to your problems at the bottom of an open bottle
And it's all work and no play
Fantasizing about climbing in and out of the whole day
There's no way you're okay
When you spending every night with your best friends Johnny, Jim, Jameson and Jose
Traveling down a dark path
That bar tab can't help forget the scars and scabs your heart has
Your life's a self imposed car crash
When putting down that large glass became such a hard task
Listening to that influential little devil
He says you can drive, you know you on a different level
The aftermath is shattered glass and twisted metal
So let your foot hit the pedal and tell me when it kicks in

It's been like this since you were a young teen
Feel like you don't deserve love cuz you unclean
Makes you wanna just scream
You coerce by these unseen forces coursing through your bloodstream
But the molly isn't cutting it
You're glutinous for some uncut shift in from the government
You can't govern it
You're in lust with the disgustingness of it's utter bliss just because it's wondrous
I wonder if you realize how that sounds
Letting all of your worries fade into the background
That school of thought makes you look like a class clown
Cuz your problems are still there when you come back down
Just sniffing your life away
Locked in a mental prison, can't envision a brighter day
You're right there in a nightmare wide awake
Too late to change so tell me when it kicks in

You treat that bottle like a pez dispenser
No matter how many you pop it's not getting any better
Playing a deadly game waiting for death to catch ya
The high is temporary, the change in your head's forever
Intense pressure, excessive measures to numb the pain
Shooting up so much you can't find another vein
Fuck this game it's just insane
You've changed so much of yourself that you think everyone else is becoming strange
Then you start to feel the funny vibe
You try to run and hide beneath that rubber tie
You've done the same amount a hundred times
But this time something's different and you start to feel numb inside
All that's left is the blame and disgusting lies
You're lucky you didn't see the pain in your mother's eyes
Should have never lived to see the day her son would die
Now you on the other side, tell me when it kicks in

[Ed Sheeran]
All the voices in my mind
Calling out across the line

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