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Bar None Freestyle

When I appear I ignite the air, to find something this bright is rare
That's right I'm there right there behind the stares of the people behind the stairs
I arrived via flying spear through the mind's eye of the pioneers tigers bears I got the lion's share did really just ask me if lion's share?!
This is similar to the prophecies the Mayans shared except it happens 365 times a year
My mind's a lair you must of main lined like 90 beers thinking your kind compares to the kind of science you find in there
I'm The brightest glare that shines through the minds inclined to despair; I'm a holy glow with a soul that slowly flows throughout an open hole in my broken skull
You know it's me noticeably the most notable soulful poet emcee seriously I'm so jovial
Everything that I write requires 5 mics and a quotable while everything you quote through a microphone is microbial
You know we know the bottom line
That Father Time is trynna rob us blind so he sent some godless swine to occupy and sodomize our conscious minds
He made the dollar sign our concubine that school of thought is deadlier than if Sandy Hook and Columbine got combined
I'm a modernized Einstein but modified not defined defying time the most Divine sign in God's design
I'm the most psychotic lines y'all can find in Hopsin 5 combined with a few dollars from a blue collar modest grind
Monstrous drive, got Loch Ness locked inside, won't compromise this obnoxious pride make you think that Pac's alive
I'll unload a clip in seconds but it's not a vine armed like an Octopi murder music shots'll fly through ya Spotify
I'm not alive it's not a lie
A vestige from a forgotten time but that's something that will be forgot in time ha...I just remembered why I rhyme
And The speed at which I breeze through this seems to breed uneasiness there's an easy fix but that doesn't mean the light is green for you to scream and bitch
Everything I used to love about the scene has seemed to switch I seen the shift a scenic dream that's deeply missed so I'm extremely pissed
Talking my problems into a bottle; yeah, I plead the fifth yeah dreams exist but they're over the moment that the CD skips
Gotta focus poachers approach us on some greedy shit lying vultures tryna synthesize culture in a petri dish
Me and my peeps have a belief so if we need to bleed for this then so be it but read my lips you greedy pricks can eat a dick
I unleash a script with the same force that caused the Dead Sea to split I'm the Phoenix myth rising from death like the resurrected Jesus did
I got some bad luck that needs to quit or I'm a need a gang of horseshoes; Julius, Dice, Kenny and Dimitrius
These actions weren't made for accolades keep ya measly tips
Don't need the shit I need to reenlist cause the battle of good and evil reached a fever pitch
Fuck what you breeding dog all I see is bitch what you speak is meaningless u sweet as shit, ya blood type is Swedish fish
You have no visible stripes you're them white on white Adidas kicks so flee from this, RUN, I'm just having fun with dmc'ing shit

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