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Definition Of a Rap Flow

Back with trash talk you's cats is mad soft
Ready for combat so contact the task force
Sho nuff, I'm on a path you can't walk
Where's the hemorrhoid donut I'm a wrap my ass off
Crash course, demolition of you assholes
Try to gain recognition cuz you stack dough
Heads wouls listen but you're wack though
Reading Webster’s online to find the Definition Of A Rap Flow
Mad broke can't even afford to laugh
Brought a flask and wrote this when I was half plastered off my ass
Fuck a celebrity and his autograph
We know stars are just hot balls of gas that are falling fast
Purely trash y'all just want to be a cover band
Emulate some other clans so you can become a brand
But fuck those plans, so an A&R call me RA and said I'm way too Rugged Man
I'll never understand these knock kneed thugs
Instead of skating they drop these gloves and got beat up
You can pop me with slugs but can't stop thee love
And I respect all of y'all but I cannot be judged
I mean I just did a song with Lock
He knows I murder beats like a swarm of uniformed cops that stormed your block
Ain't ready for the slaughter I'm sort of unorthodox
For a warning shot I'm ripping the lid off of Pandora's box
Walk a block in my republic, Long Island's rugged
Wouldn't last a minute with the lions I have run with
Why would you ever try to fuck with the pride of Suffolk
I bring an ending to the words, I provide the suffix
Lady Luck strings you along, you gon' die a puppet
I tell that lying strumpet open her mouth wide and suck it
When I talk Hip-Hop I'm quite disgusted when I discuss it
The lies they spit are viruses that's why your mind's corrupted
Invite the public, they can explain it to me
How lazy emcees changed the game 180 degrees
I'll destroy the foundation of what you claiming to be
I'll tell you why me, myself and I we the Dangerous Three
Plain to see I ain't with the scene
Too many fairies wearing their bitches jeans
Cuz being a bitch is in their genes
I mean I could write to a beat and rip you team
But I'd rather do it live from the streets like Mr. Green
Corruption of the initial dream, it's about getting cream
So the blocks are flooded with pistols and triple beams
A bunch of scheming pigs killing teens
But fuck the cops, I'll put them sausages in a box like Jimmy Dean
Gotta learn the truth these vermin turn and shoot to murder youth
And we bare the burden of disturbing proof
We need to cut down the tree of evil and burn the roots
But I'm supposed to murder emcees, you'd probably prefer I burn the booth
So I go decepticon on you deceptive cons
And I can't be beat, the word defeat ain't in my lexicon
Yapping to your fam like you wanna get it on
But I know what's gon' happen with them hands like I read your palms
Every line is accompanied by the sound of a descending bomb
That's why they checking for the kid like an obsessive mom
Forever beheading ya til you're dead and gone
Apex predator; I'm Megatron mixed with a megalodon
It's Lebanon, the effects of Nam when I bless flows
Watch 50,000 heads roll, spit some rounds increase the death toll
I don't need to hold a 9 to let some lead go
Cuz I could blow your mind without putting chrome to your dome like Destro
Get low, I never hold back when I go at ya
You're left with a broken nose, throwing blows to make my foes stagger
Your flows wack fuck a gold plaque, you get your skull fractured
Average size but in my mind I'm of Hulk stature
Cold bastard, I throw daggers, toe tag ya
Throat jab you known actors who walk around with a hoe's swagger
I got that gold factor, I make my point and then I rap circles around these old rappers like a protractor
Don't matter if I stay centered, an insane temper
Plus it's hard to keep cool when these fools have changed genders
If you hear me rap you would say I'm way better
But you don't see that cuz your retinas detached like Ray Leonard
The game ender, but I ain't here to save the princess
Don't care if your brain is impressed, wasn't made to gain your interest
Obituary columnist my writing has been death
Bury every novelist, you should break like the 6 step
I've been stressed, mad annoyed so I'm a smash you toys
With a massive asteroid that you can't avoid
Get your fam destroyed, you and your faggot boys should gag the noise
And break north, before I rip your face off like Castor Troy
Past your ploys, never succumb to one problem
My foes are covered in potholes that I mud stomping
I pillage the village after I'm done bombing
Inspire cowards to fight the power cuz my valor is uncommon
Fuck rhyming, you dick gobble get in bitch squabbles
Them punks with ya getting stuck quicker than thick models
It's death for all when I hit throttle
And start destroying emcees like a wrecking ball through McDonald's
I sip from bottles and take shots of aged scotch
Blaze pot and get my head stoned like a grave plot
Wack is what you're used to, these new cats just ain't hot
So I'm turning my back to the future yelling Great Scott
This kid bust flows that are equipped to crush foes
Over the top, meaning I'm above the rim like Nutso
It's kind of ill they tryna kill the love though
But Legends Never Die even when they fall like Tristan Ludlow

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