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1,000,000 Miles Away

Sailing across my seaI fill it up with hope LordI drown in empty miserySailin' across my heavenSailing across my starUntil I find the voice I've been hearing in my headForever couldn't be too far ... yeahOh it couldn't be to farOh it couldn't be to farThe cold wind blowsLike a leaf on a treeI can feel myself fallin lordI need your guiding hand to catch meWhen you hear yourself this songI hope it brings yourself a smileThe times we had we thought would last foreverBut forever only lasts a little whileForever only lasts a little while ... yeahLoneliness my friendI'll think about you every dayAs I sail into the light, 1,000,000 miles away
Zakk Wylde 1,000,000 Miles Away

Date Added: 2007-12-31
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