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1, 2, 3

Big, big, big, big
Yeah, I got
Yeah, said big
Got IV, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Know the way I go (Go), tell 'em, "Up the sco'" (Sco')
'Member I was broke (Yeah, yeah), yeah
Like it, I was G.O.A.T, yeah
Beat it, rubber goat, yeah, kill it in her throat, yeah
Beat it, call it rod (Rod), yeah, shit, should I cop it record? (Record)
1, 2, 3, bad bitches sit beside me (Beside me)
SRT, black Jeep, come and find me (Find me)
Come shop with me, you get geeked likе an IV (IV)
I keep it big tucked, there it stuck, just likе slimly (Slimy)
Yeah, ho, give no f*ck, go and spin, toggle truck (Toggle truck)
He get flipped, tommy tuck, we get money, f*ck with us
This the B, power up, or get in, got it stuched
Ayo, A Ball, ridin' 'round (Ridin' 'round)
Yeah, we got ones like Kylie Jenner, I put VV's in my pendant
Know you see me all on TV, mark your baby boy and dip
Go and spin it, you gon' tuck me, know I'm crazy for my jewelry
Too much smoke inside this bi', I think my vision getting blurry
We been back-to-back in catch, but I be damned to be pursing
She said she high as hell, bitch, I can tell you still gon' pop this perc', huh?

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Date Added: 2022-07-02
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