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Young Big Mike, Dirty Money
And the new problem in the Game
She go by the name of Nicki Minaj
As Ms. Minaj if you nasty (ta-ha)
This shit right here
Is the motherfuckin' Mixtape
Playtime is over
Find you one, I don't co-sign no bullshit
No more talk, lets get it poppin'!

Phone Rings
Yes Sir! Young Big Mike
Nicki Minaj!
Lets get into another brand new joint
This shit right here is called 1-900
Nicki Minaj, Dirty Money!

Nicki moans
Shout out to Fendi, Gravy!
Shout out to the whole Young Money!
Weezy, what's poppin'?

[Nicki Minaj]
Nicki moans
That tickles
You've reached... Nicki Minaj
And umm... I can't come to the phone right now 'cause...
I'm sitting on your favorite rapper's face

[Nicki Giggles]
Umm... anyway...
As soon as I get up...
I'll call you back

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