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10ToesDown Challenge Conditioned

I got quality and quantity
So every single day I keep dropping shit
They just piss tested me today, I was positive
Project Baby a product of my environment
They just put a trespassing on me in the 'jects
Them crackers say they don't never want to catch me in the 'jects
What you expect for me to never come by and holler?
Pop a X for my niggas late night popping bottles
Just wanna hit the stu and buy a bottle of some water
Post up on the stroll and hear what I been missing out on
My nigga say he went to rehab but he got right back on flocka
My other nigga popped a C-class then that pussy came up out him
Like it's winter, I be posted like a snowman but it's autumn
In elementary I wanted to be a G, I dreamed it back in Markham
Momma I regret I was always your little problem
Young nigga I'm the husband of the house and I'm the father
Brother John Wicks, he would rob them, tell me nothing 'bout it
My brother was robbing, popping tops but he wouldn't never tell me 'bout it
(Why didn't you pay for this beat though?)
What you mean why I ain't pay for this beat? 'Cause I'm a motherfucking robber
I was in Fort Myers, I was 15 and I was serving Demi Lovato
I tried to shoot him, he had that woo on him I turned into a monster
I told my brother what happened to my revolver
I was so mad, I asked my brother what the hell happened to my revolver
My hammer broke, ain't never seen this shit before
My hammer broke, I ain't never seen this shit before
I was creeping, I was scheming on that nigga on the low
I promise ain't nobody see me that whole weekend in the 'No
The world cold I put that heater on em though
I wasn't stressing but I wanted to relieve it on the [?]
My hammer broke I'd never seen this shit before
If I was him I would have beat me to the floor
Then that nigga started creeping very slow
That nigga he started leaving very slow
Started skipping, getting away like it's a [?]
Yeah he protected but you still scared of me
I was just 14 years old, I'm on methamphetamine
Y'all was just sitting around smoking weed and watching Netflix
Everyday I wanted to do something hot, in the stolo for no reason
Parked it in a vacant spot and they towed 'cause it left it parked right in my neighbor lot
Aye, I put that burner on that nigga
Told him if he make one more move he getting popped
I dare you nigga take one more step you getting stretched out
I customized the 38, it got a drum like I'm [?]
That was my last lick, but this my next stop
That was my last lick, but this my next stop
[?] my window roadrunning, got this rental here from Hertz
I'm conditioned, trained myself to stay authentic and be pure
And I'm back of the [?] make that kitty purr
Everything I rap about, these streets'll vouch for me I'm sure
Clothesline in my backyard, no new white tee, rewash dingy shirt

Date Added: 2017-09-07
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